mooLa! (Checkbook & Finance) 04.04.15

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More than just a checkbook ledger. Take full control of your moola with mooLa!

Stop giving away your hard earned money to your bank! Banks hold your REAL balance hostage in the hopes of charging you outrageous overdraft fees because you failed to manage your money properly.

Don't use an app that downloads the data from your bank! Those types of apps suffer from the same exact problem, they don't have accurate real-time information about your transactions. Credit/debit card purchases could take DAYS to post to your account, and if you live on a tight budget you run great risk of overdrafting, especially if you go by what the bank says your balance is (that's always their plan though, isn't it?) Stop overdrafting, and KNOW your TRUE balance at all times by tracking your transactions yourself with this app!

For the cost of a cup of Starbucks, you can own (FOREVER) the Platinum version of the app, which has all the features listed above, which will allow you to take FULL control of your budget and your finances. What could be a better investment?!

Accept no cheap substitutions, Moola is much more than a checkbook ledger. This powerful app has:

✔ Multiple accounts tracking
✔ Auto entry of previous payee and category
✔ Account transfers
✔ A Bill/Recurring transaction tracker/reminder
✔ Spending trends charts
✔ Password protection
✔ Customizable categories
✔ Data import/export/backup
✔ Widget

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